Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Fun stuff

So I've decided to homeschool Zach. He seems to do better one on one than any other way. What kid doesn't really? Anthony says he still wants to go to regular school, but that when he comes home he wants me to teach him. He's such a busy little bee. Here in Rexburg the school system seems to be pretty good so I'm not terribly worried about it.
So, we love our house, we love Rexburg and I don't think I'd ever move back to Oregon after living here. I miss my family sure, but you can't beat raising your kid in this environment.
We made a trip back to Oregon in early May for two weeks to visit my grandma. She has an abdominal aortic aneurism. They said when it got to five cm they would have to operate, but she's 90 so its not advised. Well it go to 5 and now we are just waiting to see how much time she has left. We went back to Oregon to visit her because I didn't know if she would make it to Christmas. She's being a brave little girl as anyone who knows my grandma would expect, but you know, it was an excuse to go see them. We had a wonderful time.
All the kids are doing great. Haylee is talking up a storm, and Zach has learned all his numbers by sight and knows how much they are worth. Still working on those letters, he just went another avenue than Tony which is fine for me. Anthony is top in his class, but its Kindergarten so I don't know how excited I should be about that. If he stays that way, great, but honestly as long as he does well I am happy.
Adam was recently diagnosed with high cholesterol, hyperthyroidism, and pre-diabetes. We are trying to change his diet, but he is stubborn.
Yesterday we tilled up a huge garden with my new tiller. I now have a beautiful sunburn to show for it and 400 sq ft garden, give or take. Now I just need to plant some seeds.
Anyway, hope life is good for everyone else! Love,

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